We graciously bid you inside
our retreat from the mundane.

Let our luxurious diversions filled
with daring delicacies be your release.

This is your platform
for mental escape.

We are a vibrant alternative path to
the strenous aspects of everyday life.

We serve a wide array of entertaining performances
that will flavor the caldron of your soul.

Settle in as our dazzling
distractions push your reward systems to release their chemical rush

Escapismus is a gathering of many unique voices from around the world collectively evolving on the entertainment themes and structures of the past.

We continue a longstanding tradition of shaping the human spirit throught entertaining performance.

We honor the multifaceted cultural pulses
that have drummed through the ages.

We mold our performances with
respect for this heritage.

We take our lead
from the past and pursue
ultimate entertainment
in the present

We harness the ongoing shifts and changes in
culture and technology and absorb their potential
into our performances.

We deliver intensity to our viewership
acknowledging their favour for fierce flavors.

Our audience knows what entertainment it wants and we know how to deliver.

Let us fuel your fantasy and leave you longing for more.

Let us be your ticket to an intensified level of human emotion.

This is your platform
for mental escape.